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This approach, which brings topics such as “equality by the means of law”, “juridical management” and “independence of laws” to the fore, emphasizes values such as “certainity”, “specificity”, “predictibility” and “accountability”. In this perspective, Law is abstracted from its social and cultural dimensions and conceptualized as a whole body of concepts, norms and instituitons. Such approach considers law by isolating it from the social system and culture, in which it operates and as a result prevents a .

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g1jneyasyada islamın yayılmasında sufilerin rolü
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türkler arasinda islâmiyet’in yayilmasinda
. İslam dünyasının tasavvufi merkezi haline getirmişlerdir. “Türkler Arasında İslâmiyet’in Yayılmasında Tasavvufun Rolü” adlı yüksek lisans tezi, giriş, iki bölüm ve.

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